Selected Publications

Some peer-reviewed and some not. I try to publish only to Open Access platforms. I am in the process of moving my files over to this page but for the moment you can click through the links to the repository on my Humanities Commons page or to the respective online publication.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

The Tempest and the Savages: Franz Marc, Hugo Ball, and a Decisive Moment in Expressionist-Dada Theater with a Special Appearance by August Macke – D. Enck (ed.): The Empty Mirror Special Arts Issue. (Seattle: Empty Mirror Books, February 2018).

Affen in Eden – C. Virchow and M. Kaiser (eds.): Avenue – Das Magazin für Wissenskultur, Volume 4. Basel: Verein Freunde der Avenue. September 2017. (ISSN: 2297-9689)

To Never Know You: Archival Photographs of Franz Marc and Russi Marc– G. Aloi (ed.): Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture, Volume 41. London:AntennaeProject. September 2017. (ISSN: 1756-9575)

Between Something and Nothing: Franz Marc’s Authorial Ether– D. Enck (ed.): The Empty Mirror. (Seattle: Empty Mirror Books, 2017).

 Alfred Flechtheim: Kunsthandler der Moderne– I. Racz (ed.): Journal of Visual Art Practice, Volume 17, Issue 3. London: Taylor & Francis. August 2017. (ISSN: 1758-9185 | DOI: 10.1080/14702029.2017.1366691)

The Wreck of Hope: Visual Activism in the Time of Mass ExtinctionL. LeBlanc and Pearl, Z. (eds): KAPSULA. Toronto:Kapsula Press, 39-46. September 2016.

Eyes Be Closed: Franz Marc’s “Liegender Hund im Schnee”– A. Ilic (ed.): TextPraxis: Digitales Journal für Philologie, Band 12. Universität Münster Verlag, Münster, May 2016.

„Der Sturm“ und die Wilden:  Franz Marcs Entscheidungskampf mit der Theatralität– K. Eichhorn (ed.): Expressionismus, Band 2. Neofelis Verlag, Kiel, November 2015. (ISBN: 978-3-95808-005-8)

Ein Manifest der Freundschaft– Trang Vu Thuy (ed.), “Blog des Lenbachhauses,” Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, Munich, Germany, February 2015.

Channeling Franz Marc in the Prelapsarian Longing of Joan Jonas and Lee LennoxL. LeBlanc and Pearl, Z. (eds): KAPSULA, Kapsula Press, Toronto, February 2015,17-26.

Book and Exhibition Reviews

Bill Viola: Life After Death at the Stavanger Kunstmuseum – J. Martinez (ed.): ArteFuse (New York City: ArteFuse Contemporary Art, 2018).

Luxury and Modernism: Architecture and the Object in Germany 1900-1933 in The Empty Mirror 4 October 2018. (DOI: 10:17613/M6JD4PP3F)  

Birds: The Art of Ornithology in Museum Books 8 July 2018. (DOI: 10.17613/M6901ZF6M)

Stereo Lab: An Experimental Pairing of Larry Bell and Jesús Rafael Soto at the Tampa Museum of Art in Arte Fuse 25 June 2018. (DOI: 10.17613/M6M61BP46)

Modern Masters “Degenerate” Art at the Kunstmuseum Basel andGurlitt Status Report: – Confiscated and Sold, Kunstmuseum Bern – Nazi Art Theft and Its Consequences, Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany in Museum Books 23 April 2018. (DOI:10.17613/M60004)

Robert Lowell, Setting the River on Fire: A Study of Genius, Mania, and Character in The Empty Mirror 13 April 2018. (DOI: 10.17613/M64K4R)

Mernet Larsen: Getting Measured, 1957-2017  in The Empty Mirror 9 February 2018. (DOI: 10.17613/M65C3M)

Modigliani in Museum Books 7 January 2018. (DOI:10.17613/M6W55T)

Star Wars and the Power of Costume in Museum Books 21 December 2017. (DOI: 10.17613/M6S54H)

Gillian Wearing and Claude Cahun: Behind the Mask, Another Mask in Museum Books 12 October 2017. (DOI: 10.17613/M61J67)

Visionaries: Creating a Modern Guggenheim in Museum Books 16 May 2017: (DOI: 10.17613/M6P39S)

Max Beckmann in New York in Museum Books 12 March 2017: (DOI: 10.17613/M6N637)

Neuerscheinungen zu Franz Marc in Sehepunkte Rezensionsjournal für die Geschichtswissenschaften 19 (November 2016) Nr. 6: (ISSN 1616-6168) 

 Bad New Days: Art, Criticism, Emergency by Hal Foster in Sehepunkte Rezensionsjournal für die Geschichtswissenschaften 16 (June 2016) Nr. 6: (ISSN 1616-6168)

The Expressionist Turn in Art History: A Critical Anthology ed. Kimberly A. Smith. Aldershot: Ashgate 2014 in KUNSTFORM 16 (2015), Nr. 9: (ISSN 1618-6168)

 The Cry of Nature. Art and the Making of Animal Rights by Stephen F. Eisenman in Sehepunkte Rezensionsjournal für die Geschichtswissenschaften 14 (July 2014), Nr. 7/8: (ISSN 1618-6168)

 Ideological Objects: Zum Vortrag von Isabelle Graw Der Wert des Lebendigen – Malerei als indexikalisches Medium in der neuen Ökonomie, (ed.) Althaus, K., The Lenbachhaus, Munich, June 2013.



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