I am a scholar of German Modernism and the historical avant-garde.

This blog however is mostly a place for various short pieces on subjects that interest me, particularly Franz Marc but also: electronic music, dogs, animal rights activism, feminism, literature, and experimental writing. I have written this blog for more than a decade and keep the archive of posts about my pets, my bike accident, and inane early meanderings about visual culture because that’s what happened.

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  1. I just came up with a good paper topic and had to share it with you: Was Höch’s Cut with the Dada Knife… the first meme?

  2. That is a good paper topic in the sense that it would provoke some serious discussion.
    I guess a main question would be how much knowledge the audience would have to have of the originally subject, and another would be how, in the technological context 1919 and thereafter, what would count as “viral” distribution.

    My reception is that Dada could function in a meme-like fashion, in the way Doge does, in that it is not funny in the sense of hilarity but rather absurdity. Is it necessary to know what a shiba inu is, or who Raoul Hausmann was? I don’t know. But it is a distinctly Teutonic/Weimar type of “humor,” in that it is pointed as well.

    I would almost say that John Heartfield, drawing on Höch’s collage skills, was a more successful meme creator in that as a flyer-designer he *knew* going in he had at least the means of mass distribution, and could consider them “viral” if they penetrated even a portion of the intended audience …

    …it’s a good topic though…

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